Speak 1st Thai Word: Sawadee Ka or Sawadee Kap

Sawadee Ka Sawadee Kap

“Sawadee ka” and “Sawadee kap” are both common greetings in the Thai language. The choice between “ka” and “kap” depends on the gender of the speaker.

1. “Sawadee ka” is a greeting used by females. The “ka” at the end is a polite particle used by females to make their speech more polite and feminine.

2. “Sawadee kap” is the same greeting, but “kap” is used by males. It serves the same purpose of politeness and respect in male speech.

The term “Sawadee” itself translates to “hello” or “greetings,” and it’s often used to welcome or greet someone. The addition of “ka” or “kap” adds the element of politeness and acknowledges the social customs of politeness and formality in Thai culture.

Good morning in Thai is “สวัสดีตอนเช้า” (sawasdee dtaawn chao).

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