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“Referee from Omnoi Muay Thai” Please doesn’t worry about fighting price.

Aor. Prakit Samrit asked for Sukjaomuaythai Siam Omnoi stadium referee, please doesn’t care only gambling price. Referee should judge by boxing ability because small Muay Thai camp cannot run their business.

Aor Prakit Samrit, big boss from Sor. Kitrungroj give an interview with reporter about he worries about referee’s decision. He begs for referee who is on duty for Kongnakorn Sor. Kitrungroj VS Rungrawee P.K. Seanchaimuaythaigym, at Omnoi Muay Thai statdium. The competition will be on Saturday 27 December. Because P.K is the big Muay Thai training camp, their gambling price is better, so I beg for referee, please judge by boxing ability, not only decision by gambling price because small boxing camp cannot run their business.

Shun support Siri MongKhol to fight

Shun Kretpetch present an exciting fight in Mauy Thai Jed Si on Sunday 28th December . Rod Lek Chaw Ta-lay-Thong  fight with Sirimongkol P.K. Sanchai Muay Thai Gym that they never meet each other before. And also Fah Satarn and Sakchainoi  , Neung Larnlek and Kao Ae.

Always Excited fight ,Suk Muay Thai jed Si. Shun Kreatpetch present a big match on this Sunday.  . Rod Lek Chaw Ta-lay-Thong  who never retreat vs Sirimongkol P.K. Sanchai Muay Thai Gym.


The highlight  fight of the match are exciting furthermore the other are great fight . Fahsatarn Rajanon  vs Sakchai-noi ,  M-yu-Den Nuenglarn-lek Chitmuengnon vs Kao Ae Kreatchareonchai. For the first fight , Dokmai-ngen inferior to ThaiPakanchewid  114 pounds and116 pounds.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Training Camps

Muay Thai Kickboxing known as Thai Kickboxing or simply Muay Thai is known as among the earliest and most furious martial arts. It’s surely one of the most savage, known for its use of knees and elbows and complete contact contests. Whether you only want to pick up among the most effective martial arts about or need to boost your skills that are dramatic for MMA contest Muay Thai Kickboxing is absolutely an excellent choice.

Among the most effective methods is by seeing where it originated, and training in Thailand. There are lots of Muay Thai training camps that recognize foreigners, both only for a number of days while on holiday or for extreme prep for an upcoming fight. No matter your motives you’ll love amazing parties and the breathtakingly lovely atmosphere. Select from Thai kickboxing schools in vacation places offering high-end the actual deal or all inclusive package deals in the more distant training camps which are used nearly entirely by the Thai’s themselves.

The standard local Muay Thai Kickboxing teams may surprise you by mostly being comprised of young kids that might not recognize girls and are ingrained with fighting abilities from a young age. Other newer schools will recognize visitors and girls of all ages. They frequently boast saunas and pools that you might believe seems kind of sissy for a Muay Thai training center, but you’ll know they offer them after assessing the workout routine!

Training here is quite hardcore, so you’re not scared of losing a few teeth. Training packages go up to 5 and begin at 2 plus a half hour -7 hours daily for those people who are actually serious! Muay Thai Kickboxing contests are generally won by first round knockout or are won by judge’s decision – typically predicated on conditioning not technique! Thus work outs include weight training along with hefty bag work outs and sparring in the ring along with lots of cardio.

To provide you with a notion of what you’re getting yourself into here a few rules of fight for Gym & the Phuket Muay Thai Camp:

“Fight now, damage after”

“Do not obstruct with your face”

“It is not whether you get knocked down; it is whether you get up.”

“Winning isn’t everything, it is the SOLE thing”

“The more you sweat in the ring, the less you bleed in a fight”

“Winners never quit and Quitters never win”

“Never take up a fight. CONSTANTLY complete one.”

“Pain is temporary, glory is forever”

“We don’t grow to the degree of our expectations. We drop to the degree of our training”


Muay Thai and Muay boran

So Muay Thai and Muay boran, was initially called by generic names for example just muay or Toi muay. Also as being a practical fighting technique to be used in real war, muay became a sport where the adversaries fought in front of viewers who went to observe for amusement. These muay competitions slowly became an essential element of local festivals and parties, particularly those supported at temples. Finally, the formerly bare-fisted combatants began wearing spans of hemp rope around their hands and forearms. This kind of match was called muay khat chueak . Kickboxing was also a part of got visibility during the reign of King Naresuan in 1560 CE and military training.
Muay Thai is called the “Art of Eight Limbs” or the “Science of Eight Limbs”, since it uses punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, so using eight “points of contact”, as opposed to “two points” (fists) in boxing and “four points” (hands and feet) used in other more regulated combat sports, like kickboxing and savate. A professional of muay Thai is known as a nak muay. Western professionals are sometimes called Nak Muay Farang, meaning “foreign fighter. Muay Thai techniques that were proper are broken up into two groups: important techniques or mae mai and luk mai or techniques that were minor. Muay Thai is generally a fighting skill of attrition, where adversaries exchange blows with one another. This really is definitely the case with conventional stylists in Thailand, but is a popular type of fighting in the contemporary world where the Thai fashion of trading blow for strike is not any longer advantageous fighting circuit. The entire body motion is used by just about all techniques in muay Thai elbow and block.
The clout techniques in muay Thai were initially quite limited being a long and crosses (or sluggish) annular strike made with a straight (but not locked) touchdown and arm with the heel of the palm. Cross fertilization with western martial arts and Western boxing mean the entire array of western boxing punches are used: lead jab, straight/cross, hook, corkscrew, scoop and uppercut clouts and overhands along with rear fists and hammer fists.
As a strategy, body punching is used than other combat sports that were hitting in muay Thai to avoid exposing the attacker’s head to counter strikes from elbows or knees. To utilize the variety of points that are targeting, in keeping with the center line theory, the combatant can use either the Thai or Western position which allows for short range or long range strikes to be undertaken efficiently without endangering safeguard.

Enjoy Muay Thai

To the average Westerner, many Asian martial arts look the same. But there are many differences both in history and execution. One of the lesser known but more effective martial arts originates in Thailand and is called Muay Thai.

The history is Muay Thai goes as far back as 1560 when it was made famous when King Nareusan was captured and allowed to fight for his freedom. Since, Muay Thai has become a national sport of Tailand and is popular worldwide. Muay Thai uses the “art of eight limbs” utilizing not only the tradition lims of feet and hands but also the knees and elbows.

Muay Thai is not just a form of sport or combat, it is a way of life and a child growing up in Tailand is taught ealy that being a trained Muay Thai fighter will take the dedication of a lifetime. A Muay Thai novice will train six days a week , four hours a day. They will attend Muay Thai camps, where they are trained by a master, and accepted into a family like atmosphere. In tradition, some Muay Thai trainees took the name of their camp as their surname.

In addition to Thailand, there are Muay Thai camps through out Asia, Europe and North America. Every year, thousands of men and woman from around the world will attend a camp, only a select few will finish. Some leave not because of the physical aspects but because of the mental requirements.

A young man from Anchorage Alaska in the US, named Tim Beard traveled to Thailand attend a Muay Thai training camp. He confesses in spite of this former military training and being in top physical condition, he found the Muay Thai training to be the mist difficult things he has ever chosen to do. But Mr. Beard also says it is the most rewarding things he has done. His new found self esteem has helped him in business and in his marriage. He is no longer angry, he has greater control over his emotions and has a new outlook onlife in general.

Muay Thai training is not just for men,it is a sport that is becoming more popular among women but for the sport and for self defense. Recently, in Bangkok, an area famous for its sex trade, so many innocent women were getting raped that an international w omens empowerment group has set up a Muay Thai Camp. While it is not as intensive as traditional Muay Thar training camps, it gives women the opportunity to learn self defense and more importantly self confidence. According to British spokesperson Emily Waring, “It is a stepping point for women who have been or afraid of becoming victims.”

Whether you enjoy Muay Thai as a serious way of life, a casual sport or just as a spectator, you know that it is one of the most exciting forms of martial arts in the world.