For Max program , the more programs to be setup , the more hot form of all couple ones are.

It’s time for Sangchan Sorsor Nawat  to fight with Jame Elan from Iceland as the leader couple one of Suek Max Muai Thai broadcasted on this Sunday of 14th June 2015 on channel 8 since 6.20-8.20 p.m. including of several couple ones. Besides, Manas Meephong and Chanyut Hengtakul have sent the encouragement to the couple ones in this program as the same way.

What’s more, for Max Muai Thai it still opens chance for the foreign boxers to fight with Thai boxers within 3 rounds. Then, it might applies for Thai boxing rule with 100 percent to create the new work after having a lot of Muay Thai fans to watch for this program. As the result, with the good management of Num Phet or Arsira Taochareonsuk all games have been setup to fight with funniness much.

On this Sunday of 14th June 2015 , there will be Sangchantree Sorsor Nawat to fight with Jame Eland from Iceland as the leading couple one as well as Prabsuek Sit Sata Nate to fight with Oliver Amar , Atchariya M.T.M Academy to fight with Saed Phetsaman , Sirisak K. Kasanon to fight with Manser Rusthaiyim , Silaphet Ch. Chanathip to fight with Deema Windy Sports, Phetdam T. Pran 49 to fight with John Sitsongpheenong Phuket and Chanasuek S. Ninthai to fight with Phetdam Sitphorlek. What’s more, Manus Meephong or the owner of the water market in 4 regions might give the prize for him if he can knock in this program for each of 5000 baht including of 500 baht per needle for the boxer to make a wound and the hurt one for 200 baht per needle.

“Nontakit” has prepared himself excellently to fight in this game.

Tu T. Morsri has accepted that his small boxing camp hasn’t been supported well , so this match the boxers in this boxing camp should fight severely more than the past matches. Moreover, if the scores are in the similar way , this boxing camp has been usually judged unfairly. In this moment , Nontakit has prepared himself to fight in the next match without making disappointment to the Muay Thai fans surely.

Tu T. Morsri or the big boss of T. Morsri revealed his mind after Chun Kertphet has brought Sankeng Kertchareonchai to fight for getting revenge of Nontakit T. Morsri again after Sankeng has lost this game with his wondering on last 3rd May 2015 broadcasted on channel 7. Thus, he accepts that his boxing camp is the small one without much name , so in this match his boxer should tries much best ability to win the couple one for several scores otherwise to be the loser again. Finally, Nontakit has prepared himself to fight in the next match to be the winner absolutely.

The big boss of T. Morsri said that though Nontakit might fight replacing of another one , but recently he has practiced himself all the times. Thus, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t be worried , and they should confidence in his work though his boxing camp is the small one including of not having much name. However, with the good preparing , this time his boxer might defeat his couple one for sure.