Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai Training – Basic Techniques

Muay Thai is a sport that originates from Thailand. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing has its own unique techniques but unlike many other martial arts like Wushu for example, weapons are not used in Muay Thai. This sport is based on the belief that the human body is the only necessary and suitable weapon. This is why the focus is on strengthening the body and making it more flexible. This is also why many fitness instructors are including elements of Muay Thai training in their exercises, especially for groups of students that are part of loss weight programs.

In the ancient times, techniques used in Muay Thai included some kicks with the head. In modern times it is not allowed to use head kicks. But in many Muay Thai training camps these head kicks are still practiced and trained as a form of self-defense.


Another big difference between Muay Thai and other martial arts is the fact that Muay Thai teaches students to use different methods of defense and attack and a combination of these two methods. For example, martial arts like Taekwondo or karate are generally focused on use of the hands for attacks, while muay Thai is trying to find a possibility to use any part of the body for attacks and defense too. There are few basic moves and kicks in Muay Thai.

Punching (Chok) – Punching with the fists are not used that often because theyse moves usually leave the fighter open for knee and elbow attacks.

Striking with elbows (Dhee Sork) – it is interesting that the elbows are used very frequently during Muay Thai fights because it is considered that this is one of the strongest parts of the body used for both defense and offense.

Knee kicking (Dhee Kao) – Just like the elbows, the knees are considered to be very strong.

There are few more techniques used in Muay Thai and they can be all learned on a Muay Thai training class. If you are really interested to learn more about Muay Thai and to get involved in training sessions we suggest you join a Muay Thai camp.