Muay Thai Camp

Fist strikes and elbow strikes that can shake any man, devastating kicks which will make anyone’s leg shake and that can crush bones – Muay Thai. Muay Thai is considered to be the king of full contact martial arts by many experts. Thai boxing or Muay Thai is a martial art, combat sport and an important part of Thai folklore. The only weapons used in these Muay Thai fights are the body parts – fists (they represent swords), knees and elbows (they represent axes) and legs used as clubs. Muay Thai training also strengthens the area under the knees and elbows which serve as a form of shield when the Muay Thai fighter is defending.



It is believed that Muay Thai was created during a process which lasted for centuries. People living in Thailand have fought against many different tribes and this is certainly why they needed to develop a martial art like Muay Thai. The techniques they have learned over time were passed to younger generations for decades. Over time young fighters started practicing this art for entertainment and sports manifestations were organized in the periods of peace. Muay Thai has become the favorite entertainment for Thais. As the time passed the rules have changed and Muay Thai adopted some rules typical for other similar sports like boxing. Since 1920 Muay Thai has officially became a sport with its own set of rules. During the World War II, Thai soldiers have presented this martial art to foreigners and this is when Muay Thai started to become so popular.

Today thousands of people from around the world are involved in Muay Thai training classes. Men, women, young, old, locals and foreigners are training in Muay Thai camps located all over Thailand. The fact that fitness level can be increased by having only few training classes is the reason why this sport is so attractive. Typical Muay Thai training class lasts for two hours. There are two classes held every day in these camps. Authentic Muay Thai camp should have professional instructors and the necessary equipment to provide high quality training classes.

Many people have confirmed how useful visiting a Muay Thai camp was for their health. So, if you are trying to improve your fitness you should definitely take this type of training into consideration.