3 After-Shocks which can occur if you Train Muay Thai Wrong Way

I always talk about benefits and advantages of Muay Thai training but today I decided to go the other way, today I’m more interested in listing out the After-Shocks or bad outcomes which can possibly occur if you train Muay Thai the wrong way by KickinnitMuayThai . By wrong way I mean improper form, techniques and overtraining. There are many things which can injure you and I am here to list out some of the most common outcomes of wrong training. I will also write a follow-up article explaining how you can know whether you are training properly or not.

  • Muscle Tear / Strain


This one is most common among newbie and some advance fighters. This usually happens when you over-stretch your muscle or force them to stretch way too far. This can also happen if you try to raise your kicks higher than your body permits. Another reason for this is when you don’t warm-up before training. These injuries are painful and can make it difficult for you to move your limb. In case of muscle strain, you need a lot of rest to cure it. Use ice bags on the injured part if you feel soreness. In case of intense pain, consult the doctor. If by any chance you tear your muscle, you might have to go for surgery.

  • Hairline Fracture


This doesn’t happen often if you are using mats and other protective equipment while training. If you train on solid ground then you must be extra careful. There were cases in which the fighter fell hard on the ground and end-up with a broken bone. Most of the time it is hairline fracture and needs plaster. In case this happens, don’t move the part of the body which is affected. Call doctor or experienced instructor to the casualty so that he/she can be treated.

  • Fatigue & Stress


Everybody wants to gain results as fast as possible but before you start Muay Thai training, let me tell you that there is no overnight results in Muay Thai. It takes hard work, patience and lots n lots of training to get results. So when you’re on the field, never put stress on your mind if you don’t see improvements in your form fast, it’s ok, it takes time. Also too much practice is not going to help, it will only increase fatigue. Take proper rest and give it some time.

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