“Referee from Omnoi Muay Thai” Please doesn’t worry about fighting price.

Aor. Prakit Samrit asked for Sukjaomuaythai Siam Omnoi stadium referee, please doesn’t care only gambling price. Referee should judge by boxing ability because small Muay Thai camp cannot run their business.

Aor Prakit Samrit, big boss from Sor. Kitrungroj give an interview with reporter about he worries about referee’s decision. He begs for referee who is on duty for Kongnakorn Sor. Kitrungroj VS Rungrawee P.K. Seanchaimuaythaigym, at Omnoi Muay Thai statdium. The competition will be on Saturday 27 December. Because P.K is the big Muay Thai training camp, their gambling price is better, so I beg for referee, please judge by boxing ability, not only decision by gambling price because small boxing camp cannot run their business.

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