“Songkhom” is ready to fight with “Seksan” by bargaining weight in 2 pound.

Nayod Sanya Pornkhoksung is really glad after Songkhom Nayoksanya has been in the top form again. Thus, it should ask for the leading of Palangmai group to make the li8st of him to get revenge of Seksan A. Kwanmeung again without being the loser.

Lately, Songkhom Nayoksanya or the former champion has create the excellent form again , especially for the latest 2 matches by overcoming Phonaek M. Phuwanat with several scores. And, later he has knocked Samingdate Luakmee Chumporn by showing the beautiful form in Suek Chao Muai Thai on last Saturday. After that, the reporters of Muai Siam have been revealed from Nayoksanya Pornkhoksung or the senior and the supportive person has been really glad much after Songkhom had made the top form again. Thus, in the next match he said that it depends on the promoter to consider for making the list of anyone , but in his opinion he would like Songkhom to get revenge with Seksak A. Khwanmeung again.

Nayoksanya has revealed at the end that although Songkhom has been the loser before ,now he has regained his hot form after fighting on the last matches. Thus, the promoter Sommai or the leading of Palangmai group shouldn’t take for granted by making the list of him to fight with Seksan again by bargaining weight for 2 pounds or in 130-132 pounds. Additionally, it is believed that Songkhom might be the winner on this game surely , especially for using for his elbows.

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