“Sangutai” would grasp the third rank for making the dignity for his boxing camp.

Although Sangutai might grasp only the third rank of million baht Isuzu , recently Oat Sorchor Piekutai has confirmed that now Sangutai has worked with his best way , and he might grasp the third rank for his boxing camp or Sorchor Piekutai. Besides, this program is such a great one of the boxing circle in Thailand too.

Now, Oat Sorchor Piekutai or the staff teamwork of the trainer at Sorchor Piekutai boxing camp said after Sangutai has lost the scores to Portortor Phetrungriang on the Semi Final round of 26th Isuzu program of Suek Chao Muai Thai on the last game. Then, now this boxer has passed into the Semi Final round already with beyond his dream on the great program. Additionally, this boxer should practice himself well to grasp the third rank  without blaming anyone if he is the loser of this game, but he should proud in himself because he isn’t the best one since knowing his rank on the statement day on this match. Similarly, he should show his good performance fully too.

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