“Kiekkak” is ready to fight at 13 coin for facing with “Sornnarai”.

Kiekkak P. Paoin has kept himself to practice the boxing program at 13 coin boxing camp in Rama IX for fighting with Sornnarai S. Sommai. Then, it has announced to knee up this couple one more than the past in order to be the champion.

For Suek Charumeung broadcasted on this Thursday of 12nd November 2015 , Otea Charumueng has made the lists of couple ones fully , especially for the master one between Kiekkak P. Paoin to fight with Sornnarai S. Sommai after Kiekkak has won him at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium. Thus, the meeting between each other might be amusing certainly.

Lately, the reporters have been revealed from father of Kiekkak who always take control of his son every day. Therefore, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t be worried for preparing the plan in order to get revenge of Sornnarai again certainly.

Father of Kiekkak said through the telephone that it shouldn’t have the problem because here there are several trainers to train him. However, his couple one is the knee one, so it should train Kiekkak fully to be the champion on this Thursday.

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