The fresh one has overcome the experienced one : Khamchan desires to grasp the champion.

Sia Khamchan Saokhamkhat believes in his boxer named Phetphusang Keelasports to overcome the fresh from and good experience one as Rambo Rayong or Chokphreecha Saknayokthaweeptaphong by fighting with funniness to become the severe one. However, although on this match it has postponed to fight earlier for 1 week , he has waited to practice for fighting on this program for a long time. Therefore, in this match his body condition is ready to fight without being careless to be knocked prior to grasp the champion for the fourth match certainly.

After Phetphusang Keelasports might fight with Ramborayong or Chokphreecha K. Sakulchia on Suek Muai Thai Ched See on this Sunday, lately the big boss of Keela Siakhamchan Saokhamkhat has quaranteed for the practicing of Phetphusang after his body condition is better. Besides, for his last 3 matches , he is always the winner continuously to win no matter of Phetniran Dabransarakham , Rungpht Phetchareon in the third round at Phitsanulok and Nongmai Luakbunmee at Chiangmai. On the other hand, although it has postponed to fight earlier for 1 week , it has no problem on this case because fighting in 119 pounds is the comfortable weight to control. Thus, it should confirm not to be careless for this match by fighting as the trainer to be the champion absolutely.

Then, in the earlier this boxer might have the program to fight on 22nd November 2015 ; however, when the promoter has postponed to fight in this match , they are ready to fight fully with the great body condition. On the other hand, it should apply the fresh form to fight with funniness as the severe one of Morchit also without making a mistake to be paid back and keep more scores to make the good statistics surely.

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