“Chatchai” might challenge with “Mahpralong”.

Recently, after Chatchai Sitphanon or the boxer from Rayong has fought with Mapralong S. Bunyongyot as the severe one to make the excitement by using his fists , feet. knees and elbows , now Chun Kertphet has viewed that it should make the list of this couple one again to fight on Suek Muai Thai Chedsee of this 4th October 2015.

Recently, Chatchai Sitphanon has defeated Mahphralong S. Bunyongyut to favor the Muay Thai fans of Rayong Province on the birthday of the teamwork Toi Huaiphong though they haven’t fought with each other before. Besides, they both have fought with funniness by using his fists , feet , knees and elbows severely ; however, they both have their wound also. In addition, the Muay Thai fans of Rayong province have cheered up this couple one with loud voice and admiring. Unfortunately, they have tied up after Chatchai has fell down on his last 10 minutes , so Maphralong becomes to be the winner with fighting amusingly.

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