Kanit has supported “Rotlek” with good encouragement.

Khanit Khumprom or the big boss of Chaothalaythong boxing camp has confirmed that recently all aids including of 2 lines of gold have been given to Rotlek Chaotalaythong. Besides, he would like to send encouragement to Rotlek or the diligent one in order to work and devote for the Muay Thai fans and his family.

Kanit Khumprom or the big boss of Chao Talay Thong has revealed his mind to the reporter of Muai Siam after Rotlek has won Taksinlek in Suek One Thong Chai as the big match. Then,  all aids are totally 150000 baht ; namely, Sia Kwag totally 100000 baht and he for 50000 baht. Besides, it has  2 lines of gold giving for Rotlek Chaotalaythong. Then, it should send encouragement to Rotlek with good diligent and devoting himself for his family along his boxing life.

The big boss of Chao Talaythong said that Rotlek is the boxer in his teamwork with his good discipline. Then, all the times he hasn’t put his effort on his boxer before because of knowing the good role.     Thus, recently he hasn’t shared his money to take care of his parents although he has given 150000 baht with 2 baht of gold and 70000 baht to them. Thus, he has cheered up his boxer to have the encouragement to practice himself and do for the Muay Thai fans in order to have the good role as the good boxer.

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