After supporting for 200000 baht , Sinlaphathai has his new life.

Sinlaphathai Sitchiangrung has thanked for the Muay Thai fans to support him for 200000 baht until he has his good encouragement to knock Sannapha W. Suntornnon. Besides, he has brought this amounts of money to be the budget of studying in Bachelor Degree at Ramkhamhand and pay the installments for the car to use inside his family  and the boxing camp too.

For the good current of Suek Muai Dee Withee Thai on last Sunday , it has shocked for the first couple one after clearing his problem about the referees already. Then, Sinlaphathai Sitchiangrung or the son of Chiangrung K. Narongsak or the old boxer has grasped the supported money for 200000 baht after has knocked Sannapha W. Suntornnon in the last round. Later, in the second round he has kicked on the neck of his couple one at the end of the third round until being supported of 50000 baht. What’s more, Sinlaphathai still did the great job at the end of the fourth round to be supported more for 200000 baht until knocking his couple one. Finally, he has been the winners to gain the supported money from the Muay Thai fans for 200000 baht instantly.

Sinlaphathai said additionally that now he is so glad to make his dream come true by being supported much in order to be the budget for him to studying at Ramkhamhang as well as paying the installment of the pickup car to use inside his family. In addition, it should thank you for the Muay Thai fans to support him , so in the next match he will perform his full performance more than this time surely.

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