“Noi” has thanked for the Muay Thai fans to cheer up his boxer.

Noi Sakburiram or Wanida Thanadkha has come to thank for the North-East Muay Thai fans and the Muay Thai fans at Lumphinee boxing stadium for the sending of the encouragement to Onemechok. Then, now Onemeechok has become to be the champion of 15th Phunsia boxing round by calling of the confidence much. Thus, in this year his work might be better than the past surely.

Lately, Onemeechok Phuhongthong has won the scores of Nong Beer Sorchor Wichit Muengphadreaw on Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee on channel 5 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium. Besides, Noi or Wanida Thanadkha has thanked for the Muay Thai fans much , and in the next matches the promoter can make the list of his boxer to fight with everyone.

Noi said that now he is satisfied on the work for his boxer much , so it should thank you for Sak and Tim much to support and give the good opportunity to his boxer to have this day. Additionally, it comes from the encouragement of the Muay Thai fans too , so this year his boxer might make the outstanding works more than the past year definitely.

Choosing The Most Mma and Muay Thai Gym

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Barboza (7-0) will still be very young and he crushed an overwhelmed Mike Lullo in his UFC debut at UFC 123. Barboza has incredible power component kicks with spectacular Muay Thai skills. Lullo was physically unable to stand by the third round after eating kick after kick.

Safety equipment must be securely placed. Although your shoes or shin guard loose and can be embarrassing, end up toning leave your body vulnerable. Accomplished self-training situation is cease if mandatory. However, within seconds it could be dangerous and painful, if they not stop a punch in the center or in the foreseeable future.

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“Kreng” hasn’t allowed “Kumarndoi” to move into another boxing camp.

“Kreng” or Krengrit Chitpakdee or the big boss of S. Chitphakdee boxing camp has confirmed that now Kumarnkoi has moved to practice himself at Phetchareonwit boxing camp with Malaithong at District of Chiangyean of Mahasarakham province. However, this time he is still belonging to S. Chitphakdee boxing camp as the same way , except for moving to practicing himself at another location.

Kreng or Krengrit Chitphakdee or the big boss of S. Chitphakdee boxing camp  in Samui Island of Suratthani province said after Wittaya Phetsemuen has brought Kumarndoi to fight with Morakot Khomsaimai. Besides, this couple one is the master one of Suek Phetwittaya ; this program might broadcast on this 16th March in 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Thus, the way that he has moved to practice himself at District of Chiangyean of Mahasarakham province doesn’t mean that he might move into another boxing camp , so everyone should understand about this subject too. Therefore, everyone should send him the encouragement as much as possible.

Learn Fighting Techniques

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Be it Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and also MMA, the vast majority of these arts train using an expectation that they’ll either use their skills in a sports activity setting, or that they’ll use it if usually are very well bullied, picked on, or need to obtain into a part of a scrap in a bar or parking ton. Yes, there are aspects knife or gun defense in a large amount of these arts, but fat reduction secondary. In Krav Maga they are the forefront.

Lundqvist is inconsistent, such as majority of his teammates, this holiday season. One game definitely make some incredible stops, then the subsequent will quit very soft goals. He gave up two weak goals all of the loss towards Pens as well course one more the issue with high shots glove half. Lundqvist’s weak glove has been exposed is simply than ever this time of the year. As a butterfly goalie it’s expected for him produce up 2 people glove side, but Rangers fans should become worried if this concern continues with the steady rate.

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It is wondering about how “Ploywittaya” become the loser on the match.

Now, Kik Thungsong is really confused after knowing that Ploywittaya has lost to Luaknimit Singkhlongsee although he has made the better form with 5-1 scores. However the referee had judged for him to be the loser , so he can’t accept for this judge as well as feeling desperate to the judge much.

For Suek Yod Thairat TV broadcasted on last Saturday of 5th March in 2016 at Montree Studio Ladprao 101, with the result of the master couple one of this program it showed that Luaknimit Singkhlongsee has overcome Ploywittaya Moosaphanmai by showing the good form. On the other hand, now Kik Thungsong or Yuthida Phetsemeun or the big boss of Phetsumuen boxing camp has revealed about his confusing to the referees to judge for Ploywittaya to be the loser though he got 5-1 scores. Thus, it makes him feel desperate for this judge much.

Kik Thungsong said that on the third to fourth round his boxer has made the better form clearly as well as his protection on the fifth round to gain 5-1 scores. However, the referees have judged in the opposite way , so he feels not satisfied for this judge much.