The fight rule for Somrak and Yod .

The regulation of fighting for Somrak and Yodonephadet on this 2nd May 2015 on Suek OneMitChai, the promoter Sumate Siasattabongkot might setup the program for the special couple boxer between Somrak  T. Thepsuthin to fight with the commander Yodonephadet S. Chulasane as this special regulation with this following:

  1. The commander Yodonephadet S. Chulasane might fight with the professional Thai regulation as the act of Boxing Sports in B.E. 2542.
  2. Somrak T. Thepsuthin might fight as the international boxing style without wearing shoes according to this terms:
    1. He can use his arms by hugging and locking the arms of another one.
    2. He might not lift his leg to protect himself.
    3. He can’t kick his opposite side.
    4. He can’t use his knees.
    5. He can’t use his elbows in every cases.
    6. He can’t touch the legs of opposite side , push up and lift his opposite side of body up.
  3. If Somrak T. Thepsuthin hasn’t violated with these rules of above detail for 2 times within 5 rounds , he might be counted as the losers after fighting in 5 rounds per 2 minutes for each round and taking a rest during the round for each 2 minutes.
  4. The ceremony of judging and rating the scores might be as the principle of Thai professional boxing competition as the act of Boxing Sports in B.E. 2542.

According to above details , we have informed to be considered by everyone.

“Sarawut” is energetic to be the champion for celebrating on Songkran day.

Tee Suwan has still trusted and believed in the good performance of his beloved former of Lumphinee boxing stadium in 108 pounds between Sarawut Phitakphaphadang to fight with the fresh form or the champion in 112 pounds on channel 7 or Watcharaphon P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim with gaining amusement surely. However, although he hasn’t fought for several months , he might be the winner , except to be knocked by showing his great form to celebrate his champion on Songkran day for sure.

After the promoter Chun Kertphet has brought Sarawut Phitakphaphadang to fight with Watcharaphon P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim in Suek Kertphet on this Friday of 3rd April 2015 at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Lately, Tee Suwan or the big boss of Phitakphaphadang has quaranteed about the practicing of the former champion of Lumphinee boxing stadium in 108 pounds because of his great body condition to control of his weight surely. On the other hand, although his name and his freshness are not in the equal way as his couple boxer , he has his good attention to be the champion for celebrating on this Songkran day for sure.

In addition, it should accept that although his strength and freshness are not in the equal way to his couple boxer , he has his  attention , IQ and better performance to win his couple boxer , except to be knocked without being carelessly to his couple boxer as well.

“Knotmai” has the high chance to grasp the champion.

Now, for the  5th Champion of Thai Insurance it shows that Knotmai A. Nittayaporn has his high prone to pass for fighting in Suek Muai Krekkhu boxing round at Chitmuengnon boxing stadium after he has knocked for Sakmongkol Sakburiram successfully. Then, in the next match if he is the winner , he might pass to fight in the Semi Final round further or the one who can pass into fighting for the deep round.

For the second couple boxer of Suek Maemai Muai Thai on last Sunday broadcasted on Bright TV on channel 30 , it will be the first Krek Kru round of line B between Knotmai A. Nittayaporn or the champion of 5th Thai Insurance to fight with Sakmongkol Sakburiram. As the result, it appears that Knotmai can overcome Chanasak to keep for 2 points successfully in order to pass into the final round not so hard with wondering to fight with whom in the next match only.

Therefore, Berm Phudin has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that now Knotmai or his boxer can create the beautiful form of Krekkru boxing round after being the winner in this game by knocking Sakmongkol. Then, in this moment Knotmai might have the bright future to keep the first second points , so in the next match he might not have any problem to pass into the Semi Final round instantly.